It’s like an ATM Card, with cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and fund transfer capabilities, only better. Enjoy hassle-free purchases at stores, restaurants, theaters, hotels and any other place that accepts Visa®, including internet and telephone purchases. The purchase is deducted from your checking account, and as a consumer, you have complete protection if your card is lost or stolen.

  • No checkbook to carry
  • No identification to show
  • No waiting for check approval
  • No service charges
  • No annual or monthly fee

*** If your card is lost or stolen, please call your local branch during normal business hours or after hours call (888) 849-6046***

Consumers have complete protection for fraudulent Check Card transactions at merchants displaying the Visa Card logo. Consumer liability for ATM or PIN-based transactions will be no more than $50 when loss or theft is reported within 2 business days.

Mariner’s Bank does not impose service charges on transactions at any ATM; when conducting a transaction at an ATM not owned by Mariner’s Bank, the institution who owns the machine may assess a service charge at the time of your transaction, including balance inquiries.

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