Save time when you pay your bills online with Mariner’s Bank Online Bill Payment. You control which merchants and services you pay, the amount you pay, and when you pay them, simply by accessing your account. And, you’ll have a complete and accurate record of all your payments. No more checks to write, envelopes to address, stamps to buy.

  • Receive a $25.00 incentive when enrolling in Bill Payment and receive an additional $25.00 incentive after the first 5 payments made from your Bill Payment account.
  • Go paperless and help keep the environment green.
  • Less hassle, less clutter and more convenience
  • Bank online and manage your bills all from the same place at the same time.
  • Get convenient online access to your bills so you don’t have to keep track of stacks of paper bills.
  • Access full details of your bill online and schedule a payment with a few clicks.
  • Receive e-mail reminders each time a new e-bill arrives as well as notification within your bill payment service.
  • E-Bills are not an automatic debit service. You authorize every payment and specify the amount and date of your transaction.
  • You have access to six months of your e-bill history online, when you want it from wherever you are.
  • You control when and where you view and pay your bills, as well as how much to pay, in a secure environment.

Mariner’s Bank offers Bill Payment and e-Bill that can help you save time, stay organized and help the environment by reducing paper. Online Bill Payment allows you to choose which bills to pay with a simple click of the mouse! You can automate payments, edit scheduled payments, and rest assured your payments will be made on time. e-Bills are FREE electronic versions of your paper bills delivered to you through Mariner’s Bank. With e-Bills you can see the amount due, due date, and bill details conveniently and securely. Used together Bill Payment with Online Banking can simplify your banking and bill payment routine, so you can enjoy more of life’s big moments.

To activate e-bills today, log into your online banking account, click on Bill Payment link. Then follow the instructions and you’ll be on your way to receiving your bills electronically.

Must be actively enrolled in Mariner’s Bank Online Banking to use the Bill Payment Service.

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